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Totofit Cavaletti – SET of 4

Totofit Cavaletti – SET of 4

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Cavaletti or ‘trotting poles’ are a simple conditioning exercise that helps a dog’s overall balance and proprioception – particularly front and hind leg awareness.  When used correctly, they can help increase a dog’s endurance, correct pacing (improper footfall sequence at the trot) and even lengthen a dog’s stride.  They help to build a strong topline and a rhythmic gait.

Cavaletti are sold in a set of four poles with 2 sets of Nubby TotoPAWDSTM

Our Cavaletti poles are 3’ long and insert into our multi-purpose Nubby TotoPAWDSTM.  The narrower the alley-way, the more focus required by the dog and the greater the balance challenge, so we chose 3’.

We’re now connecting two 18″ pieces to make 3′ long poles.  This makes the system more compact, easier to store and less expensive to ship!  The contrast in colors in the spectrum that dogs see should make the poles more visible to them.  Purple is viewed a grayish blue and yellow is seen as yellow!

The minimum height of the Toto Fit Cavaletti set is 6”, but it can be increased by using a longer length pole between the L-joint and the TotoPAWDTM.  The height of the poles should not go above the height of the dog’s hock.

Here is a great article by professional dog handler Odebt Massey about how to use and train Cavaletti for conformation dogs.

Need more poles?  Pieces to make the heights higher?  Just email us and we’ll customize your order!

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