About Us


4 My Merles Creations is a family owned and operated Canadian business. We began our adventure together in 2012 while discovering the need for quality made products like dog tug toys in the canine sporting world that we were and continue to compete and train in. We started our sporting adventure agility and soon after discovered disc, dock and even obedience had a need for our products. Our own Blue Merle Australian Shepherds have been our inspiration into a world of everything dog. Our Aussies have official “Tester” titles here at 4 My Merles Creations and they take their jobs very seriously. We are happy to say if  it’s not good enough for our dogs, it’s not good enough for yours. We strive to provide quality handmade dog tug toys, tug leashes and many other retail products for all your training and competing needs.  Every order received is not just pulled off of a shelf.  All of our dog tug toys and braided leashes are custom made to your specifications.  This means it may take a little longer to get to you, but you know that quality and care was put into each and every order that goes out the door4 My Merles dog tug toys are meant to be used as an interactive toy between you and your dog.

We do not recommend allowing your dog to keep the toy after the interaction has finished.

Although we allow color picking on many of our tug toys, we reserve the right to choose any color selection for all items including but not limited to leashes, collars, and toys when the option is not given or selected. Pictures shown are only examples of products that have been made and may not represent the exact product, colors, fonts, and materials. Specific requests will be taken into consideration. Color descriptions may vary from the buyers opinion of that color.