How do I measure my dogs neck for a slip collar leash?

When measuring please use a soft tape measure around the middle of the dogs neck snug, but not too tight. Ideally slip leashes should be just a bit smaller then the dogs actual neck size, this allow for it to “work” properly. When I make the collar portion of slip leashes I take about 1/2”-1” off the measurement given so if or when the dogs pulls they can’t slip out of it but it also can’t over tighten.

Why did I receive another invoice for shipping costs?

As stated on our website and certain products throughout, although you may be charged a flat rate shipping fee at checkout some products not qualify for flat rate shipping. Once your order is packaged and ready to ship, we process it through the appropriate shipping program to get an actual shipping cost and you will then receive an invoice for the difference from what you already paid. In addition to some products not being flat rated we also do not cover any shipping costs for international orders and although our flat rate covers an average size box and it’s weight it is possible with some orders the weight can go over and you will be charged the difference in cost.

How do I see the colours of different materials to pick for my leash?

Because fabric colours and dye lots change so often we no longer feel comfortable posting pictures on the website. You may opt to look at our Facebook or Instagram accounts as that is where we post pictures of completed leash orders and you may see colour combos you like. You may also decide to message us or email if required to ask for a few sample pictures of certain materials and colours together for yourself.

How do I know what tug toy(s) to select for my dog?

Each dog can be different and it may depend on how you’re using the tugs… ie. if you’re working recalls you’ll want something long and fun like the snap dragon or fun furry braid. If you’re doing agility or even obedience and need a small tug “hidden” in your hand for quick easy rewards you might like the mini berry plush or a pocket fur. If you just want some fun tugs for working and playing you could try a bloomin’ baa, a baa berry or a furry blast. Hope this helps but let me know if you have any other questions. I would also like to add that puppy teeth can be a destroyer of all fun and good things 1f609 - FAQ's if left with them. Our tugs toys are meant for interactive tugging between you and your dog. We do not recommend allowing your dog to keep the toy after interaction has finished. And always inspect products before each use to ensure it is free from damage that could pose a danger or risk his safety in any way.

How do I wash my leash or tug toys?

In general most tugs and leashes are machine washable (cold) and hang to dry. I do throw most of our stuff in the dryer but on delicate low to medium heat. Hand washing is best for any real fur like sheep or rabbit to retain their natural scent etc then hang to dry. Once dry I use a slicker brush (dog brush) on all my faux and real fur to bring back the “fluff”.

How long will it take my order to arrive?

Retail items like TotoFit, discs or treats can ship within a day or two *unless you add any 4 My Merles tugs or leashes.* Our tug toys and leashes are all custom made for you and your pups here at our workshop. We try to keep orders moving as fast as possible but we work on them and can run 3 weeks + behind at times. Shipping times are also still not being guaranteed and can add time to when you will receive your order.

How will I know when my order is done?

You will receive an email from us when your order is complete as well as an email from Canada post with tracking information.