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4 My Merles

Solar Reflective Sun Shades

Solar Reflective Sun Shades

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Prevent overexposure to sun and heat while allowing pets to enjoy fresh air outdoors. Our reflective shade cloth helps shade pets from the harmful effects of excessive heat caused by the sun’s rays.These remarkably innovative, incredibly lightweight canopies are made of a highly reflective material that blocks intense sunlight.

  •  Special weave allows air to circulate to ensure proper ventilation
  • Keeps pets cool and comfortable

Black nylon edging features grommets for easy attachment to wire exercise pens, kennels, crates, RV canopies, trees, and more.

Made from an aluminium knitted high density polyethylene fibres. it reflects 70% of solar radiation while allowing air to flow freely, providing a cooling effect which can reduce temperatures up to 10 degrees kelvin

Multiple sizes available

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