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Rounded Jump Cup Strips

Rounded Jump Cup Strips

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These new Flexible Jump Cup Strips are the latest innovation by Clip and Go Agility. Our standard polypropylene strips are very safe but if you are looking for the highest degree of safety without giving up the convenience of multiple jump heights these new flexible jump cup strips are for you. Clip and Go Flexible Jump cup Strips are made from UV stable TPE plastic (synthetic rubber)

They are available in 2 styles. You can choose the round back style, they are the same as our standard clip on strips for use with PVC pipe or you can choose the new Flat Back style for use on metal, aluminum, or square vinyl uprights.

These strips are virtually unbreakable. They perform well in all temperatures and will hold up well to sun light. Each strip as heights every 2″ from 4″ to 26″ high. The heights are clearly marked with improved easy-to-read numbers. The color of the strips is light grey. Clip and Go Flexible jump cup strips will work with just about any jump, they will need to be fastened to your jump upright because of their flexible properties.

Jump Cup Strips come in a pair of 2 for the price shown

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