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New to Tug Puppy Package

New to Tug Puppy Package

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This package includes the following:

Fun Fur Baa Bungee Lure, approx. 57” long

Milker braid, approx. 30” plus tassels

Fuzzy blast, approx. 20”

Crinkle and Squeak Slinky,  approx 29” long

Colors may vary and there are no substitutions to this package

Building tug drive is a great way to build the bond you have with your pup as well as working their mind and body during tug and training sessions. We have chosen some fun interactive tug toys to get you started with the fun and rewarding game of “tug”. There is a great selection to keep things interesting like the Crinkle and Squeak Slinky, keeping their attention with the sounds but also the soft texture that so many dogs love. Fleece is soft, stretchy and durable especially in a braid and we’ve added the Milker that dogs love the smell and feel of. When working recalls you’ll want something long and fun like the Fun Fur Baa Bungee Lure. For quick easy rewarding something smaller but still fun like the fuzzy blast. Puppy teeth can be a destroyer of all things good and fun if left with them. Our tugs toys are meant for interactive tugging between you and your dog. We do not recommend allowing your dog to keep the toy after interaction has finished.  And always inspect  products before each use to ensure it is free from damage that could pose a danger or risk his safety in any way.

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