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Border Collies A Breed Apart, Book 3 – Behaviour Insights, Issues and Solutions

Border Collies A Breed Apart, Book 3 – Behaviour Insights, Issues and Solutions

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Author: Carol Price
Format: Paperback
Length: 120 pages
Release Date: 2019

Border Collies have long been considered the most intelligent dogs on earth, but also the most mentally complex. Owners may be presented with many behavioral issues ranging from obsessive patterns of activity to a host of different anxieties, phobias or neuroses linked to a higher-octane canine brain. What makes one Collie so different to another in terms of the way he thinks or behaves? Is his behavior affected by his home environment, earliest rearing, lifestyle, owners, or is it hard-wired into his own, individual genes?

In this final book of the acclaimed Breed Apart trilogy—which follows on from Secrets of the Working Mind and Essential Life Skills and Learning—the focus is on Collie behavior; what drives it in your own particular dog—and why.

Author Carol Price, a world recognized authority on the breed, believes that it is a more autistic type of canine mind that lies at the heart of everything a Collie does. An understanding of the autistic traits your own dog might have—from higher sensory sensitivity and OCD type behaviours to lower social ability and a greater need for sameness and control—will allow you to stop a potential problem escalating, or even prevent it occurring at all.

Fear, aggression and anxiety-related issues in Collies, and their possible solutions, as well as the extent to which any dog’s behavior may be driven by sub-conscious, rather than conscious, thinking, are all covered in extensive depth in this book. So are the reasons why your dog might be less responsive to training, or fail to cope when left alone.

This is another must-have book, from an author whose passion for, and insight into, the Collie breed is widely regarded as second to none, and completes a trilogy designed for any owner who truly wants to understand their dog like never before.

About the Author
Carol Price has owned, trained, and bred Border Collies for decades and is a world recognized expert on the breed. She is also a leading canine behaviorist and writer in the UK and, over the years, has been a regular contributor/advisor on dog psychology, behavior and training for publications ranging from Dogs Today and Your Dog magazines to The Times. Before working more exclusively with dogs, and other areas of animal behavior, Carol was a staff feature writer and commissioning editor on The Sunday Times, and has since written for a host of national newspapers and magazines. Her passion for, and special interest in, both Border Collies and rescue dogs began many years ago, when seeking to more successfully rehabilitate troubled dogs from all breeds and backgrounds and better understand, in particular, the uniquely brilliant—but often also complex and challenging—mind of the Border Collie.

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