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K-9 Kore Disk with Base

K-9 Kore Disk with Base

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Our K-9 Kore Disk with a solid base is another fundamental piece of equipment for use in individual fitness programs and in all clinics or centers focusing on canine health.

It is a safe and strong piece of equipment that remains universally balanced while allowing for different levels of difficulty.  One side has raised concentric circles for minimal tactile stimulation; the other is nubby, which provides more grip.  The solid base provides additional stability, while inreasing or decreasing the amount of air inside will create balance challenges appropriate to the individual dog.

This Kore Disk with the base is appropriate for dogs of all ages to work on balance, proprioception, and strength.  Puppies may begin early on in their lives stepping onto the Kore Disk without the base.  Unlike other large balance disks, the material is quite pliable and there is no side edge: the top meets the bottom at a side seam.  We believe this prevents the sides from collapsing.

Senior dogs with decreased balance and proprioceptive deficits will benefit from the K9 Kore Disk safely.  Dogs with neurological issues, orthopedic weaknesses, and general systemic weaknesses may safely work with the K9 Kore Disk, as well.  It may be used independently or in conjunction with other pieces of equipment.

For more information and some helpful examples of exercises performed with the Disk, check out Dr. Debbie’s blog post on the topic.

When inflated, the disk should be flat on top, not dome shaped, and the dog should sink into the top as seen in the pictures above.  If the disk ‘dimples’ you have put too much air in it — way too much.  Delfate it until the indent goes away.

Recommended weight: Maximum 270 lbs, 120 kg
Test load capacity: Maximum 440 lbs, 200 kg

Disk diameter = 20.5”  Base diameter = 23.5”

ONLY sold with the base.
To inflate, remove plug and use a hand pump with a nozzle like our Faster Blaster or an electric pump.
Shipped in its own 25” x 25” x 4” box, weighing 9.5 pounds.

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