Leash Message Tabs

CAD15.99 each
Message Tabs


The Leash Message Tab is a great addition to every walk.  If you have one of those dogs that shouldn't be approached, maybe should be approached with caution, or is just overall friendly, shouldn't you let people know.  As a responsible dog owner, it takes only a moment to attach a Message Tab to let everyone know the personality of your dog.


Our Leash Message Tabs are color coded for easy identification, attach with Velcro to any style leash through the handle and around the leash to secure it in place.  They measure approximately 12 inches in length.

These Message Tabs are great for all sorts of situations.  In training, health issues, people or dog issues...so many scenarios solved with the Leash Message Tab.

A set of 3 will include the Stop, Caution and Go tabs

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